Jared Fogel became a household name after he revealed how much weight he had lost eating healthful Subway sandwiches and was recognized by the majority of Americans. Jared, in other words, was a household name who rose to popularity for losing dozens of pounds by eating properly and eating Subway sandwiches. He had, however, a sinister side that he kept hidden from his fans until police discovered him connected to a child pornography case that sentenced him to 15 years and eight months in jail.

In 2015, Fogle was found guilty of one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography, as well as one count of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. Since he was convicted and sentenced to over a decade and a half in jail, Fogle has been incarcerated and his plans have not gone as expected.

In the letter, Fogle complains about how he is treated by both staff and other prisoners while incarcerated at Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. It also claims that life isn’t easy for Fogle while he’s confined to a cell in the Englewood FCI.

In the letter, Fogle recognizes that while he is healthier than before, life in prison is extremely challenging.

“We don’t have a lot of control over our daily lives in prison, but working out is one of the things I can control.”

Fogle and the other inmates watch football on television during downtime. Aside from sports and exercise, Fogle has little to do in his free time. Nonetheless, he stated that “I feel really good physically and mentally.”

Fogle’s lawyers also sent a letter, which contained Fogle’s mea culpa and a request for leniency. The letter also confesses that he has done something wrong – although he does not appear to be capable of taking complete responsibility for his actions or the harm they caused innocent youngsters.

“I realize I royally screwed up to wind up where I am. I was selfish and entitled. I think about all the people I’ve let down every single day, especially my family. All I can do is learn from my stupid mistakes to be a better man when I get released in a few years.”

Fogle can be paroled as early as 2029 when he will have served 85 percent of his term. However, it’s unclear whether the court will want Fogle locked up for longer than the maximum sentence. Nonetheless, Fogle misses life behind bars and writes about it.

“Prison takes away so much, but I really miss the small things like walking barefoot on the carpet, sleeping on a nice comfy mattress, eating with real silverware, having access to a microwave.”

Do you think Fogle got the penalty he deserved? Should Fogle be imprisoned for the duration of his sentence, or should he get out earlier?