Parents never have a moment to relax. Even as their children become more independent, their to-do lists continue to grow longer and more stressful with time. Shawn Weiss adores his adolescent daughter greatly, but he has to accept that she can be a pain at times. Last month, Shawn, whose real name is @ShawnWeiss8 and who operates on the TikTok platform under his own name, revealed that his daughter’s tub was draining slowly and it was up to him to find out what was wrong.

Shawn’s video quickly went viral after he showed how easy it is to clear a blocked drain by Reach into the Drain. The humorous but educational video has been viewed millions of times, liked hundreds of thousands of times, and commented on more than 6,600 times.

Shawn’s caption for his now-viral TikTok video reads as follows: “I can’t believe she let it get this bad!”

The video below features on-video text that states, “My daughter said her tub was draining slowly, so I decided to check it out.” He checked it out, to the horror of TikTok users worldwide.

The video is disturbing because Shawn grabs something that is clogging the tub’s drain. He pulls at it slowly until it becomes clear that the blockage was his daughter’s hair! After a minute, Shawn shows a long clump of hair to the camera which he pulled out of the drain. It must have been building up mass for months before it got as big as it did in the viral video.

Shawn’s daughter was completely unaware that her hair had been clogging the drain, but now she is more careful and mindful of how treats the bathroom to avoid any further issues.

The video footage was shared by thousands of people worldwide, with many sharing their thoughts and reactions. A few of these are included below.

Many commenters were shocked at how much hair had clogged the tub’s drain.

“Did she scalp someone?”

“That’s a whole weave.”

Some people were so petrified that they thought this looked like it could be a scene from the horrifying film, The Ring.

“The girl from The Ring is down there.”

“She got a whole Ring girl.”

“The grudge is going to be real mad you pulled her weave.”

Another person remarked how disgusted they were that Shawn exposed the hair clump without any gloves on his hands.

He said, “I really do need to have my brain examined after grabbing that crap with my bare hand! Two hours and six cans of tomato juice to get the stink off my hand!”

Shawn’s situation was one that many people hoped they would never have to go through.

They stated, “I will never take for granted how easy I can wash my hair and let water drain out of my house at the same time.”

Others perceived it as an educational opportunity.

“Parents, learn from this and stop letting your kids go through life with hair in the drain! Do not be afraid to teach them about good hygiene now because they will thank you later. Your future partner might thank me later for telling all of my friends and family members to always check the tub after someone takes a shower.”

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