Shelley Detton is a mother who moved to a new home.

She wanted to have an office in her home, and she wanted to have a few beautiful images in that room to look at while she was working. She didn’t have a lot of money to work with to buy new curtain rails, so she improvised with PVC pipe.

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The pipe that Shelley used in her room was only a few dollars. She painted the pipes with black spray paint. When the project was completed, it looked like something from a catalog.

The room featured an open design before she got to work with her remodeling project. The rods that she installed could clearly be seen against the wall. Shelley hung black and white curtains that were once in her bedroom in the office.

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Each pipe that Shelley purchased had a diameter of one inch. She did have to install a few finials to hold the pipes in place. After the pipes were secured and painted, she could start hanging the curtains with her desk and chair in front of the center window.

Shelley has shown that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make over a room with imagination.