Many property owners have experienced the problem of a tree stump before. Tree stumps can be a terrible eyesore, and they can take a lot of effort to remove. One method is to hire a professional to remove the stump.

You can also run down to a hardware store and purchase a chemical to help dissolve your tree stump. However, if neither of these two options sound appealing to you, you can take a hint from Marsh Rat.

This man just posted a video to the Internet showing you how to get rid of a tree stump using a drill and some vegetable oil. Grab your drill, and load it with the longest drill bit you have. Drill many different holes into the stump. Next, pour the vegetable oil all over the stump. Make sure the oil seeps into all of the holes you just drilled.

Leave the stump alone for a few days.

I need to do this to let the oil really seep into the wood. If the holes ever seem dry, add a little more vegetable oil. After a couple of weeks, you will be ready to slowly burn away the stump. In the video, charcoal is used, but you can also use firewood. Over the course of a few days, the stump is slowly burned away. It’s that easy! What do you think about this easy way to remove a tree stump? It takes a little time, but it sure is cheap! Let us know your thoughts below!

Some user concerns:

“I have a stump of a tree that was removed this past May. I had it ground, however now I want to put up a shed in that area, and of course its in the residual is in the way. It’s about 4ft in diameter. Its either a maple or oak. I read up on removing the stump, and what would make most sense on where its at, would be burning it. All instructions recommend drilling holes into it. I’ve only been able to drill one hole! the drill just doesn’t seem strong enough (Ryobi 18v cordless). I checked on the local home depot ( closest tool rental) and they have hammer drills, but they say it wouldn’t do the job. I tried a corded 1/2 in drill I bought at harbor freight (didn’t really wanna spend 200$ for something I’ll probably never use again), but it would work either.
Since this is a common recommendation, what type of drill is used? what specs in a drill should I use? Doesn’t seem that is should be that hard!

“Sounds like you need a decent quality bit of the twist/boring varieties rather than spade. We use a 1/2 inch twist bit with a regular line-powered drill. The stump removers we’ve used recommended aging 12 months after application before burn. Could be shorter if tree had rot, but think at least 12 months is good if it’s a healthy stump.

….how you are going to have a big enough fire… to burn out a buried stump … which dont really burn ..

A long small burn with charcoal is the alternative for spots were large fires are unsafe or otherwise frowned upon. Our 3+ ft diameter mulberry stump took 3 or 4 large bags to burn out over something like 84 hours.”