The intrigue of cosplay has grown immensely over the years. People take on the persona of their favorite characters, bringing their likeness to life. Angie Griffin has brought many characters to life through her years of following. She adds the sexy to the costume, embracing her figure and spreading her likeness throughout the cosplay community.

Her favorite involvements trail to the Harry Potter films, dabble in Game of Thrones content and explore the relief of cartoon character personalities.

Angie was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. Her upstart came with the opportunities provided through the YouTube community. She created her own channel, dubbed the Scream Team, and cast her successes alongside her husband. The Scream Team was her coming-out party. Her channel embraced all different walks of life and personalities, harboring many different characters and mood settings to chime into the viewing pleasure of millions. Her YouTube upstart was the breakthrough point for her modeling gigs.

Through modeling, Angie was able to pair her two loves: dress-up and cosplay. She modeled her depictions of characters for her fans, but she was now holding shoots paired alongside the powers that be in the modeling world. She embraced the covers of many magazines that involved the usage of costumes and cosplay fame.

Through her connections with characters, Angie has developed a few love associations. She embraces the use of popular films and worldwide cartoons to pull at the heartstrings of her fans. Cosplay has introduced her the ability to outreach to millions of different people, spanning interest from across the globe.

Her Instagram start is still within its infancy period. She has over 150,000 followers in the short development and order of her page. Many fans flock to her content to help invest insight into costume designs and how to play off their favorite characters. Fans also connect with her sense of being by adapting to gaming streams.

Angie loves to explore chat rooms and video game streams via Twitch to market herself to her fans. Playing with her fans is a hobby that she will continue over the course of her sprouting career. She is also a film buff, so exploring scores with fan feedback is a welcomed premise for her approach. She hosts many fans and viewers via her TikTok page and her continued YouTube productions. Remaining an interactive personality has kept the fan base growing. She believes in a tamed approach to her work, crediting the successes and riches to the hosting of her fans and their individual contributions to her personal advances. She will continue to wear many different hats to keep her fans heavily vested within her many different streams of content.