Many veterans served our country in one of the Armed Forces. Quite a few of these veterans are living on the streets. There are nearly 40,000 American veterans that need a place to call their own according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Veterans Community Project of Kansas City designed and builds a village of tiny homes for these veterans. These homes come with all they need for their daily needs and gives them a sense of worthiness and hope. It shows the veterans that there are people who care about them and the fact that they helped to protect our country.

At this time the Veterans Community Project of Kansas City has built thirteen tiny homes for the veterans so far. Of these homes, four of them were built for veterans and their families and nine of them were for single veterans. The main living area of the single veteran tiny home is a kitchen and bedroom that are combined into one area. They come equipped with heating and air conditioning. The Kansas City Project is planning to expand its goal for the number of tiny homes that are built for displaced veterans. They plan to build nineteen more tiny homes and a community center in the village for the veterans and families to enjoy. The cost of building one tiny home is around $15,000. This cost is covered by the donations that they receive for their building projects. If a veteran is displaced from their home they tend to forget how to handle some of the basic daily functions of life. This means they do not remember how to control their finances and daily routines, such as preparing meals for themselves. This can lead them to drink alcohol and/or drug addiction the keeps them from getting their lives straightened out so that they can get off the streets. Once they move into one of the tiny homes they no longer have to worry about having the necessary items for their daily life and routine. This means that they can focus on their physical and mental health so that they can get back on track.

St. Petersburg has embraced the idea of building tiny homes for veterans in their area. Some areas have adopted the idea not only for veterans but also for the homeless in their city and community. One of these places in Springfield, Missouri. To help address the issue they have come up with a game plan to follow. They decided to convert a deserted trailer park into a neighborhood of small homes so that they can furnish a home to the homeless of their community. Not all states or communities like the idea of tiny homes for veterans or the homeless. Los Angeles is one of those cities. There was a man that had decided to make temporary housing to help with the problem of the homeless. A lot of people did not like the idea of temporary houses being in their community. The mayor of the city did not like the idea and decided that it was not a solution to the homeless problem. The homes that he had already built and that was occupied by homeless people were banned and had to be removed from the area.