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Woman Stunned When Employers Refuse To Hire Her Over Tattoos

A fearless Australian model, Amber Luke, has shared how difficult it is to find traditional work in the modeling  Continue Reading »

6 days ago

Popular Dog Food Brand Extends Recall Over Kidney Problems And Vomiting

Purina, a dependable pet food creator, has recently broadened its recall for dog food products following reports of pets  Continue Reading »

6 days ago

18 Female Guards Lose Their Jobs Over Inmate Hookups In Cushy Prison

In this lockup, inhibitions were forgotten and passions ran rampant. Eighteen female prison guards and staff members were either  Continue Reading »

6 days ago

People Are Boycotting Hersheys Chocolates Because They “Hate Women”

On International Women’s Day, Fae Johnstone – a 27-year-old transgender woman and Hershey’s spokesperson – faced criticism due to  Continue Reading »

7 days ago

The Hidden Secrets Of The Baby Carrot Industry

A recent study has divulged the lesser-known truth about baby carrots that could cause alarm among consumers. The report  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

Residents Forced To Use Umbrellas As Thousands Of Worms Fall From The Sky

The people of Liaoning province were given the warning to take shelter after it appeared as if it began  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

Father Shares Heartbreaking Warning After Tragic Death Of Daughter Due To Deodorant Use

The heartbreaking passing of Giorgia Green, a 14-year-old from Derby who suffered cardiac arrest after using aerosol deodorant in  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

Young Woman Dies From Cancer Mistaken For Insect Bite

Sarah, a twenty-year-old energetic and vibrant woman, was living life to its fullest. One day she found an itchy  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

Vintage Cookware Fetches Staggering $15,000 Online

Australians are encouraged to check their kitchen cupboards for vintage casserole dishes that can fetch a hefty sum of  Continue Reading »

1 week ago

No More Mrs. And Miss: Single Mother Speaks Out On Need To Abolish Marital Titles

A mother recently sparked an ongoing discussion revolving around the essentiality of titles such as Miss, Mrs, and Ms  Continue Reading »

1 week ago