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No One Has Entered This Beautiful Resort For 20 Years

Many people make vacation plans a few months in advance. Some want to go to a tropical resort while  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

Lions Devour Hunters Who Broke Trespassed To Hunt Rhinos

The dangers of the African Safari are the stuff of legend. Despite these dangers, a group of poachers learned  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

Furious Mom Wants Teacher Fired When Son Comes Home In Agony

A Chinese mom whose boy was assaulted in school by an educator now desires the teacher terminated. When her  Continue Reading »

6 months ago

This Zip Tie Bracelet Costs An Outrageous $495

The fashion industry is usually composed of aggressive people, working tirelessly to invent new products composed of unique designs.  Continue Reading »

8 months ago

New Gender Neutral Playing Cards Are Gaining In Popularity

Before settling on venturing into a specific field, you must be sure that there exists a gap that needs  Continue Reading »

8 months ago

Online Photos Surfaced And Cost Her A New Job

Tara Gins, 30 years old, was shocked when she was denied a management position because of her past. The  Continue Reading »

8 months ago

These Houseplants Can Be Dangerous To Children And Animals

A common item that may be found in homes across the world is the everyday houseplant. Houseplants come in  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Parents Left Their Twin Babies Alone For 4 Days So They Can Party

A couple from Vilyuchinsk, Russia is facing murder charges. They decided to go partying for four days straight while  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Wife Spreads Awareness After Husband Dies From “Common Looking” Bug Bite

Most of us get small bites from random and pesky insects, especially during hikes or gardening. You can agree  Continue Reading »

10 months ago

Divers Stunned By Biggest Great White Ever Recorded

Deep Blue, possibly the largest Great White shark identified has resurfaced again. Great whites generally range between 3.4 to  Continue Reading »

1 year ago