Looks can take someone from start-up to a strong following in the modeling industry. Placing curves and tanned skin behind the eye of the lenses, Dana Hamm has become one of the most photogenic fitness stars in modern records. Dana was born and raised in North Carolina. She credits a low-down living environment for her humbled approach to her career. Growing up in the country provided her a glimpse into the great outdoors, always enacting behaviors that kept her outside and exploring nature.

Her love for animals became heavily cited when she approached a photoshoot that would dub her the ‘Tiger Queen.’ The Netflix documentary got into her head as she explored her prowess into tiger print bikinis, lingerie, and other, sultry looks. This photoshoot would represent an uplift to a steady following, which added to her overall intrigue on the social media marketplace.

On Instagram, Dana has built a following of over 1.5 million users. Some of her top content takes a look into the outdoor world and interactions with animals. People enjoy the trailed experiences that she has depicted. Being 39, she has had a long history of modeling stints and shoots. Most of her early content is deeply archived within her Instagram page but can be found at additional outlets spread throughout the internet. Her global fame came full-circle after adding fitness shoots to her resume.

She goes down in history as one of the most photographed fitness models on record. She has down shot for Sports Illustrated and other sporting magazines. She has applied fashion and bikini shoots to her resume after garnishing a following at a young age. Her body of work is impressive considering how long she has vested time and tenure within the modeling industry.

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Never let someone else's perception or expectations of you limit your dreams. For example, some people think if you're a sexy attractive type of woman you must also be self centered and vapid, you couldn't possibly know anything about the environment or much less care about it. Then they find out there's much more to you, and they've misjudged you. So, no matter what you're up against in your life, keep pushing forward and proving those people wrong, and most all don't let yourself down. Do whatever it is that makes you feel alive and creates personal growth. Take what's maybe seen as a disadvantage and turn it into a strength. We are all just passing through, and we're only here for a short time…life is for living 🥰 SWIPE TO SEE ME SWIMMING WITH A WHALE SHARK 🐳🐬🌊 @seashepherdsscs @seashepherdstoreusa @captainpaulwatson @omartodd

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She seemingly becomes better with age, a claim that most models cannot add to their repertoire. Being that she has hosted over 20 years of success across industry professions, her fans come from many different walks of life. She is a public figure that always spends time answering her fans and working to provide them with feedback on their fitness needs. She has gained the voice of approval from many different endorsement sources, providing her with the stance needed to positively impact the lives of others.

She keeps her roots held closely to her personal belief system and behaviors. She remains outspoken and wild at heart, creating that personable sense that people have come to know and love. Her continued application of this sense of personality will continue to break fitness model records and placement claims for continued gigs as time goes on. The ageless wonder continues to turn heads and provides many different content streams for fans to latch onto.