The stunning CEO and managing partner of a multimillion-dollar business, Leila Hormozi, posted her daily schedule to social media. Despite criticism from detractors, the 30-year old’s timetable included time for manicures and walks in addition to two hours in the gym toning her already fit body. She has become an icon of success; despite having so much on her plate she still manages to make space for herself amidst running such a successful company., led by the brilliant Hormozi, is said to be managing a portfolio of $200 million – and she doesn’t shy away from showing her hard work! Taking to social media recently, she posted about her “non-woke” schedule that demonstrates how seriously she takes success but also showing off her commitment to balance and having fun too.

The CEO posted a hazy image of her hectic schedule, yet astute Twitter users were able to make out that this investment manager knows how to create time for herself – scheduling manicures, pedicures, and trips to the gym into her calendar. It is clear that she prioritizes self-care in order to remain productive at work.

Twitter users skeptically inquired as to whether had a portfolio of $200 million or if the claim was overblown in order to make their business appear larger than it actually is.

Last month, Hormozi mentioned that her business was worth $100 million – an amount that has astonishingly doubled in a mere thirty days. Twitter users were fast to note that this remarkable accomplishment must be attributed to the fact she sets aside ample time for herself every day as she reserves chunks of her calendar for personal use.

The businesswoman’s tweet sparked a great deal of interest and drew in over 3,000 responses and comments alongside 7,000 retweets. This demonstrates the strong impact her post had on its viewers. Unfortunately, though, some individuals were not pleased with her work schedule as noted in their remarks which suggested that she looked busier than she actually appeared to be.

“I do ten thousand times more than this, and I’m unemployed,” one of the critics wrote.

Another said, “This could have been an email.”

Critics claimed that the investment manager had a seemingly busy schedule, but in reality, he was only putting on a show.

She asserted that “I wake up at about for or five am. From there, I don’t check email or social media. Instead, I grab a cup of coffee and get to my deep work. This lasts for a couple of hours. I typically focus on the hardest and most important stuff first. Then I hit the gym. Sometimes I will listen to relevant podcasts and audiobooks. Others, I just rock out to some music. After about an hour or so, I head back to work (no shower).”

She maintains she is “on calls” for the entirety of her working day. “Most of them are internal with my team, but I’ll have the occasional client call.”

Is it possible that this woman is really occupied or just pretending to be?