In an act of alleged abuse that would sicken most pet owners, a woman has been accused of attempting to discard her pet Pomeranian because the owner thought it was too big to sell. The breeder found out afterward that a terrible mistake had been made because of the discarded puppy quickly became famous all over the Internet. The puppy’s name is Bert and he has had quite the adventure because this particular breeder was not the only one who mistakenly thought he was unsaleable. Bert was abandoned by his breeder/owner at an Oklahoma animal shelter and was left for good. However, the shelter quickly put his picture and description up on the website. A woman by the name of Kathy Grayson ended up adopting. This Kathy Grayson just so happens to be a minor celebrity in the form of a New York City artist.

Ms. Grayson happens to own an art gallery that goes by the name of The Hole. She stated in several interviews that she never had any concerns about the size of the dog. In fact, this is what made her fall in love with the adorable chocolate Pomeranian dog. In fact, Grayson was so in love with the dog at first sight that she actually flew to the small Oklahoman City. When she arrived at the animal shelter to pick him up, the shelter was definitely very sad to see him go away but they knew it was for the best and that he could not stay forever. Upon his arrival in New York City, he began to “work” in the art gallery with Kathy Grayson. It was a very exciting time for him. Grayson even went so far as to create an Instagram account for the adorable dog. He quickly became a favorite on the social media platform and amasses many followers, numbering in the millions.

Apparently, Bert has even been to several art exhibit openings all around the country. Instagram notwithstanding, he has become a bit of a minor celebrity in the art world as well. Along with art openings, he has been welcome at many industry-insider parties, 5-star restaurants, and even the Opera. He became an international hit when he had the chance to visit Canada on his travels with Kathy Grayson. It cannot be denied that Bert has made quite an incredible journey since his beginnings as an abandoned shelter puppy. It seems that nowadays he spends his time getting his photo taken in adorable poses and settings to help bolster his Facebook account and his Instagram account.

Kathy Grayson stated that she has had a great reaction to allowing Bert into the art gallery. In fact, many of her customers and clientele even come bearing treats and gifts for Bert because they know he will be in the office of Ms. Grayson, anxiously awaiting visitors so that he can make them happy with his precocious attitude. As far as Bert is concerned, there is nothing better than “a dog’s life.”