Ulta Beauty, a popular beauty retailer, is facing a massive boycott from conservative women after the company invited Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman and influencer, onto its podcast. mulvaney caused controversy when she proclaimed how she wanted to become a mom on The Joy of Girlhood podcast by Ulta Beauty. This outraged many of the store’s female customers who are now boycotting the brand.

The beauty store will now be alienating some of its regular customers after it invited a transgender woman onto the podcast to talk about “girlhood.” Ulta’s reasoning for having a transgender woman on its broadcast was to show that the brand is diverse and inclusive, hoping to appeal to not only cisgender women but also transgender women and lesbians.

On the podcast, Mulvaney described her genitals as a “Barbie pouch” and spoke about buying tampons. Some feminists and conservative women have accused Mulvaney of faking support for feminist ideals to make money off of female consumers.

While speaking with gender-fluid hairdresser David Lopez, Mulvaney mentioned how she “wants to be a mom one day, and I absolutely can” and, “the narrative still has a long way to go.”

However, the beauty company has been accused of purposely inviting a transgender TikTok star onto their podcast in order to “troll” their female audience.

“Now I know I can find love. I know I can still be a performer. I know that I can have a family. I want to be a mom one day, and I absolutely can,” Dylan stated. “And that’s why the narrative still has a long way to go because when I was grieving Boy Dylan, I didn’t know those things were even accessible to me. There is much shame, so much stigma. I had this idea of trans-people, and it was weird because I knew I was trans yet had transphobia of myself.”

The transgender popular TikToker continued, “I was still judging the community, and I’ve had to get over that. We got to change it.”

A number of individuals took issue with Ulta Beauty welcoming a transgender woman onto their podcast episode for “The Joy of Girlhood,” sharing that they felt the brand was not appropriately representing women.

“Why didn’t you get a woman on? We are your primary target market, are we not?” asked one person on Twitter.

“STOP TROLLING WOMEN. You can hide the replies @Ultabeauty, but you can’t hide your contemptible contempt for women,” responded Emmeline Wyndham.

“Beyond parody,” another person wrote.

In the past, Mulvaney spoke about buying tampons to feel more feminine.

“Day 75 of being a girl – I’ve been carrying around tampons and pads for the past two months, but I’ve never actually opened one up, so let’s do it. Woohoo!” she stated. “I thought the letters stood for small, medium, and largely based on the size of your ‘Barbie pouch,’ but after Googling, I found out it’s actually the level of your flow.”