A bartender named Jemima June, working her magic at a bustling Nashville, Tennessee club, recently stirred up quite the social media storm. In a TikTok video that has now gone viral with over 7.3 million views, Jemima found herself in a spirited exchange with a customer seeking a tequila cranberry with a unique twist – “no ice.” However, what transpired next has ignited a lively debate that has left netizens firmly divided.

The customer was resolute in his demand for no ice, making his preference abundantly clear. Jemima, the consummate bartender, acknowledged the request and then posed a clever question: “How about a DOUBLE tequila cranberry?” This seemingly innocuous query set off a social media firestorm that continues to rage.

In response to the customer’s plea for a beverage sans ice, Jemima calmly clarified, “Simply stating ‘no ice’ doesn’t equate to receiving more alcohol. Opting for a double, on the other hand, does result in a stronger drink.” This simple yet significant distinction sparked a spirited discussion within the comments section of the TikTok video, with people taking sides on the issue.

While many rallied behind Jemima, asserting that the customer was attempting to “outfox the system,” others saw things from a different perspective. Some patrons voiced their preference for drinks with less ice to prevent rapid dilution, with one clever commenter humorously stating, “Sure, sometimes we just want more drink, not more alcohol, so we don’t end up with a mostly melted cup of ice in five seconds.”

Jemima’s professionalism during the exchange drew commendation from her supporters. They emphasized that, in a high-volume setting, her response was far from rude. One TikTok user pointed out, “It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re yelled at for simply fulfilling a request.” Another chimed in, “Those claiming she had an attitude clearly haven’t walked in her shoes.”

Supporters of Jemima underscored the common challenges bartenders face in educating customers about the nuances between “no ice” and “double” orders. They also lauded her for maintaining her composure amidst the online debate.

For some viewers, it was bewildering that such a fundamental distinction required clarification. As one astute observer noted, “It’s mind-boggling that we still need to spell this out.” In the grand scheme of things, the video underscored the intricate balancing act bartenders must perform, striving to meet customer expectations while upholding a standard of responsible and professional service.

Jemima June, whose TikTok following has soared to nearly one million, has ascended to stardom thanks to her exceptional bartending skills, including her ability to pop open multiple beer bottles in mere seconds. Her engaging content has resonated with a broad audience, amassing millions of likes and earning her well-deserved recognition.

This spirited debate that erupted on TikTok serves as a compelling reminder of the paramount importance of crystal-clear communication between patrons and service providers. It underscores the necessity for mutual respect and understanding on both sides of the bar, in the quest for a harmonious and enjoyable social experience.