In early development, children pick up a great many of their behaviors and verbal skills through mimicry.

Of course, parents realize this fact, which is why there are so many videos online that show a child jumping like a frog, running around in a circle like a dog chasing its tail or making sheep “baa” noises. A video featuring a baby girl mimicking a goat has gained attention across several social networks recently because of the girl’s almost perfect ability to mimic the bleating vocal noises of a baby goat. In fact, viewers are challenged to watch the video titled “Cute Baby Girl Perfectly Mimics Little Goat” with their eyes closed to see if they can tell the difference.

The way that this video differs from others making the rounds of social media is that the baby goat sounds more like a human yelling “ahhh” than the baby girl who sounds like a goat bleating because the girl has a tremble in her voice at the start. In fact, a lot of viewers have been tricked by the goat because its vocalizations are also louder than the mimicked sounds by the girl.

Upon opening their eyes, these viewers were amazed because they associated babies and toddlers more with extremely loud voices. The video has also become a trending topic because of the reactions of the two women in the video.

The women laugh uncontrollably as the baby goat and girl challenge each other with an almost discussion-like series of bleats.