It’s time to say goodbye to “Killadelphia.”

In an effort to reduce crime, the owner of a Philadelphia gas station has hired armed security guards with AR-15s to patrol the premises.

A group of officers were filmed by Fox 29 guarding a Karco gas station while wearing military-style clothing, Kevlar bulletproof vests, and carrying shotguns and assault rifles.

The security firm’s former police officer leader stated online that the frightening arsenal was necessary because Philadelphia is rapidly gaining a new, ominous nickname – becoming the “wild wild West” of “Killadelphia.”

In his 20 years as a gas station owner, Neil Patel has never seen such high levels of crime. So when a gang recently ripped out and stole his ATM, he turned to S.I.T.E., an armed security agency, for help.

“We are tired of this nonsense — robbery, drug trafficking” and gangs “hanging around,” he said.

“I am fearful for my employees, as well as my nice neighborhood [and] all the customers,” he stated, adding criminals were “forcing us to hire the security.”

The security manager at S.I.T.E., Andre Boyer, stated that his employees are mostly ex-police officers who have undergone extensive training by the state.

“We wear Kevlar, we are trained — my guards go to training every other week,” he stressed that they were all “proficient” in using the assault rifles and Tasers.

“As a Pennsylvania state agent, the law tells us that we have a right to protect this property by any means necessary and with whatever force necessary,” he insisted.

“If I have to use force, I will use force,” Boyer said to Fox News, adding that you “have to fight fire with fire sometimes.”

Several Karco customers admitted to the local outlet that they were absolutely petrified by the display of weaponry.

“Guns like this would be on the battlefield,” customer Robert Murray said.

Some said they back the owner, who stated that once armed security guards arrived at his business, the violent crimes against his property ceased.

A poll conducted during the story indicated that 80% of viewers felt that the show of force would make them feel safer.