Sturgis, Michigan was the hometown of a 92-year-old man named Ralph Levin. He lived a life that was mostly quiet and peaceful, though he was a known fan of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that rolls through Sturgis every year. He was also something of a local business titan, owning and operating a very successful scrap metal company. Levin built his dream house with his wife Renee in Sturgis in 1979. The home featured six bedrooms, and it was widely known that every year during the Sturgis rally many bikers would stay with the Levins.

Citizens of Sturgis would note the lines of motorcycles that would line up alongside the Levins’ house every year, though few ever actually saw inside the house. The structure was larger than most houses, something fitting for a successful businessman like Ralph Levin, though among rows of Michigan houses the residence was just one amongst others. It wasn’t until Ralph Levin died in 2014 at the age of 92 that the Sturgis community discovered just what the house was for. Inside the unassuming exterior was an interior full of surprising secrets. Ralph’s wife Renee passed away two years after her husband and from that point on the large house sat vacant, with each passing year. Finally, some in the community opened the door for the first time in a while and realized that the large house had been serving for years as a party spot for the bikers that came for the Sturgis rally. It became clear the Levins designed their home as a private party spot for bikers to keep out of the public eye and relax.

The spacious house included large dens, an indoor pool complete with a slide, and funky 1970s decorations that were never updated. For those who like to party, the house must have been a dream spot. The house features a glass bar complete with plenty of bar games and even a gumball machine. In keeping with the home’s funky interiors, one can enjoy looking at any number of tiger and lion statues that fill the house. With purple staircases and plush shag carpeting, this 70s palace was built for partyers that love life and like to live it to the fullest. The listing agent for the house, Dennis Bamber, noted this and remarked on how the pictures he had seen of the Levin family made it clear that they must have really enjoyed growing up in such a crazy and funhouse. The agent is selling the house as-is, so at the moment the Levin manor stands as a testament to the good times had by one family and their many biker guests down through the years.