Do mistakes jump out at you? Many people have the talent to notice things that are out of place almost instantly. This can be both a blessing and a curse. It is great when you want to be a problem solver. With minimal effort, you can instantly tell when something is wrong.

A problem can be easily solved before it develops into an out of control crisis. However, it can also be annoying to notice things out of place. You can’t fix everything that is wrong in the world. Seeing things you can’t make right can really become grating. It forces you to be reminded that there are plenty of incompetent people in the world. If you have ever wondered how good you are at noticing mistakes, check out this picture below!

Did you look at the picture? Was it hard to find the mistake? At first, you were probably tempted to check out the numbers. You probably counted them in your head. Afterwards, you confirmed they all appeared in the correct order. Next, you probably checked the spellings of the words. After you discovered there were no misspelled words, you might have given up. Only a few people endure long enough to discover that a single word is repeated twice. It’s an easy error to overlook. Were you able to spot the mistake? If you did, you would probably make an excellent proofreader. Proofreaders catch errors like this all the time. Let us know how you did with this little test!