For some people, it takes a lifetime to find something they’re passionate about. Some people are content living an average life without excelling in any one area, and that is perfectly acceptable. None of us can be good at everything.

Some people are born with a predetermined passion and talent for something. Started from the bottom, and now they’re here. These are the overachievers, those who always excel and blow away the competition. They’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

It is evident that if a young child wants to accomplish something, their parents need to invest time and energy into helping them achieve it. Roxy Brennan has what it takes.

Brennan’s mother is in charge of her Instagram account. There, she posts pictures of Brennan–a young dancer who has been excelling at dance since she was barely a toddler.

Though she is only in fourth grade, the dancer has been performing for years. Brennan’s dance compilation video demonstrates her skill level at age 3, which is already better than most people will ever achieve.

There’s one Brennan dance in particular that blows all the others out of the water. When Brennan was only 5 years old, she performed the song “Maniac” and left the entire audience cheering by the end.

Before the performance started, someone in the crowd called out encouragement to the performer, telling her to “Get it Rox!” and assuring her that they believed in her with a supportive, “Come on, girl!” The instant the music began playing, Brennan felt in her element. After a few notes, she had captured the attention of the audience and left them astonished.

See the video below to believe this performance for yourself. Just to keep things in perspective, she is only 5 years old in this video.

Brennan’s exceptional skills garnered high praise from many viewers of the video. As one person said, “She’s not only well-rehearsed but strong. What endurance! That’s a hard routine! Go little one!”

Another person added, “A lot of energy and Lots of advanced moves for a little girl that young! She’s already an amazing performer!”

How do you feel about Brennan’s skills?