While you’re walking down a sidewalk in a busy town, you might not be able to tell when a kidnapping is taking place. There is footage that has been released from Russia revealing a medical student kidnapping a baby from a hospital.

A closed circuit camera captures the female walking right into the hospital, picking up the baby and walking back out the door. She put the baby in a shopping bag by her side. Officers are unsure as to what the motive was behind the kidnapping. The baby who was kidnapped was born early and had to stay in the hospital to receive treatment before going home.

The mother of the baby was at home recovering. She knew that the hospital would provide the care needed for her infant until she was able to go home. Nursing staff claimed to contact officers as soon as they noticed that the baby was gone.

They didn’t think that a stranger took the baby as they thought someone from the family had her. The kidnapper’s family contacted officers to let them know that the medical student had the child.

The kidnapper went as far as putting a picture of her and the baby on social media. She has been charged, but there are questions about whether her mental capacity would be fit for handling a trial.