On April 17, 2018, Barbara Bush died peacefully in her home surrounded by family at the age of 92. She was infamously known as the “grandmother of America” and left behind 14 grandchildren. Her husband of 80 years held her hand throughout her final day.

George and Barbara had a great life together, as evidenced by these happy photos.

George was in the Navy during World War II and would write letters to Barbara, telling her how excited he was to marry her and have children with her. He often addressed the letters to “My Darling Bar” and would sign them “Poppy.”

George and Barbara’s marriage lasted 73 years, the longest-running Presidential marriage in history. They wed on January 6, 1945, shortly after George came home from the South Pacific.

They had six children, but one passed away from leukemia at only three years old.

Barbara was always supportive of her husband’s political career, and then later saw her son follow in his footsteps to become President himself.

George and Barbara had plenty of adventures together, from spending time at their ranch in Texas to vacationing in Maine or skydiving!

Not only were they madly in love with each other, but they also weren’t afraid to show it off to the world.

Dear Barbara, you lived a full and beautiful life. You will be so missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.