We all have those pictures we would rather no one ever find, the ones where our hair is less than trendy and even embarrassing.

However, having a parent choose a style that is not as cute as they would make you believe is vastly different than what these individuals did because they are definitely old enough to know better.

And unfortunately for them, their pictures are now easily found on the internet. Like this guy who forgot to buzz the rest of his hair. Or this guy, who added daisies to his mohawk.This girl’s facial expressions suggest she knows there might be something not quite right about her sculpted locks.

Not everyone can pull off bangs. They have to be done just right, with the right face shape. This guy is not one of the few that can pull them off. Our fourth gentlemen certainly has a talented barber, to successfully cut his hair into the image of someone’s face. While talented, it’s a little creepy.

When you are a little punk, but a little redneck, this may be the cut you would opt for. Mullet plus flattop, Multop? With the ponytail bangs, one thing is for sure.

This guy didn’t need his picture in his yearbook to be remembered by all. If you have ever wondered what would happen if you told your super literal barber that you wanted a rat’s tail, you can stop wondering now.

Here is another guy who seems to have forgotten the rest of his hair when getting his cut. Maybe the barber is just outside taking a break? Here is a guy who has only two dreadlocks.