Identical twins are known to share a special connection that many others will never experience. The same is true for one pair of twins who recently celebrated their 100th birthday together. Mary Belle Roach and Mae Belle Powell have their own separate lives, but they were born together in 1916 in the state of Kentucky. They have seen many incredible things in their history.

They still consider themselves best friends, and they still enjoy rehashing memories of some of the biggest events they ever experienced, including both World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression, and many other social and cultural milestones.

The twins have no problem retelling stories that they’ve heard numerous times, because that is how they keep themselves sharp after all these years. They are still incredibly active for their age. They exercise for half an hour every day, and they still cook and clean for themselves. Their memories are their most prized possessions, and their birthday is an excellent excuse to bring up their wonderfully exciting past.


They recount how they attended Murray State College during the Great Depression. The school only charged $5 per semester for tuition, which was fortunate for the many students who had nothing at all due to the Depression.

The twins recall how they would use their identical appearance to play pranks at the school. They would switch places with each other for certain classes and see if anyone could tell the difference. Once they graduated, they were fortunate enough to be employed as teachers at the same school. Their precious memories go to show that aging is nothing to fear.