Strange addictions exist all throughout society, and one that is perhaps the most relatable is addiction to food. Most people feel as if they are at least partially addicted to certain foods, and many people are addicted without even realizing it.

One women took her condition to an entirely new level by subsisting on nothing but food from the fast food chain KFC for over three years. Georgie Scotney is 21 years old, and she has suffered from an eating disorder for years. Her disorder is incredibly selective, and it started with her only agreeing to eat chicken.


Soon, however, she started demanding specifically KFC chicken, and her disorder grew with her into adulthood. That is fairly uncommon for children with eating disorders, but it does occur from time to time.

Selective eating disorder is more commonly persistent into adulthood, but the reasons are unknown. For those who suffer from selective eating disorder, a great amount of fear or anxiety often accompanies the condition.

Scotney explained that she knew in the back of her mind that her condition was unhealthy, especially on a purely physical level, but she didn’t care.

Scotney recently decided to seek help at the request of her boyfriend, Dean Arnold. She attended a single hypnotherapy session that lasted about an hour, and she claims to be cured. She can eat other foods now, including a variety of fruits and vegetables she would have never touched before.

Scotney admits she expected the treatment to fail, but was pleasantly surprised when she found it had worked.