A video showing a man who was described as being ‘Indian Muslim’ engaging a woman he did not know shows exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover.

The video starts with a scene of a social gathering of some sort. People are dancing and seemingly enjoying themselves when a man wearing shawl approaches a woman on the side of the dance floor and grabs her arms without so much as a glance.

He obviously expects her to follow him simply because he is a man and she is a woman, therefore she must obey. Unfortunately for him, the woman he attempted to grab did not agree with that idea. She refuses to follow him, at which point he slaps her across the face.

She responds in a way that many people would respond if treated the same way. She starts throwing punches, only her skill and furiousness is clearly superior to her attempted captor. They are pulled apart, but the man removes his shawl, apparently intent on finishing what he started.

His victim then tackles him from off-screen, throw him to the ground, and punches him square in the face before the video cuts off. The video was most likely taken in a location where Shariah law was in effect, which is the law of Islamic faith.

Women don’t have the same rights as men in these societies, especially when defending themselves in court.

Many women are starting to retaliate by never allowing themselves to be in situations that could lead to sexual allegations of any sort. Embarrassment is a stronger weapon for them than the law.