If you really want to take a closer look at a person, check out their toes. It’s said if the big toe is longer than other toes, you are probably a focused thinker and creative.

You’re not just good at getting tasks done, you can find varying ways to do them. If this toe is relatively small, you’re a multi-tasker. The second toe is an indicator of how a person manages day-to-day.

If the second toe is long, you probably have an aggressive and assertive style. If relatively short, you’re passive, more likely to let things happen. Meanwhile, the third toe determines your attitude toward work and play.

Shorter third toes mean a person enjoys play more than work. Individuals with longer third toes are energetic and like putting that energy into their jobs. The length of the fourth toe illustrates how you look at relationships, including friends and family.

A long toe implies it is important to have strong relationships in your life. Shorter fourth toes can mean relationships do not mean as much to you. You would rather focus on your life rather than deal with others.

The little toe highlights the state of the inner child. Long pinky toes indicate a stricter personality.

This person appreciates routine and loyalty.

They like knowing there will be no surprises in their day. On the other hand, persons with short pinky toes like to enjoy themselves and are easily bored or distracted. Go ahead and take a look at your toes and see if they match up with the theories.