Mathilde and Pauline are twenty three year old twins from France, are both young, beautiful, smart, talented women who also happen to be taking over Instagram, user by user. Mathilde already has over 3.7 million followers with her twin sister, Pauline, right behind her with 2.2 million followers, with more members following them every day. Not only gorgeous models but also business entrepreneurs, Mathilde and Pauline are both already very financially successful in life. The young, attractive twins jumped into stardom through Instagram fame, being as beautiful as they are, it was no wonder it took them no time to hit the million followers mark. They used their fame to gain sponsorship on the Instagram accounts, earning anywhere from $2000 to $5000 with each sponsorship. As the twins follower count went up, so did the sponsorship money earned for each post they made.

The twin girls know a lot more than just how to model and pose for photographs. They have also created their own swimsuit company, known as Khassani Swimwear. The company makes comfortable one and two piece suits that helps a woman to look and feel her best, based in France, the products ship worldwide, making the twin sisters globally known. Mathilde and Pauline know the costs to operate a business, especially advertising costs, can be substantial and take away from the end profit, so the twin girls are not only the creators and owners of the company but they are also Khassani Swimwear’s very own swimsuit models as well. The Twinning Company is another company Mathilde and Pauline are associated with. The company offers twin created clothing and accessories for twins. They credit the success of the Twinning Company with helping them reach out to and meet other twins like themselves.

While everyone wants to know everything there is to know about these two beautiful women, they have somehow still somehow created a private lifestyle for themselves, all while living in the public eye, which is something extremely hard to accomplish. Rumors swirl about the ladies regularly about who they may be dating, or who they were last seen with. Mathilde and Pauline do not let any of the gossip get to them, they stay goal orientated and always focus on the bigger picture, their businesses. However, they are both young, attractive ladies, so they still know how to have fun and enjoy life. A person only needs to spend five minutes with them to see their sense or humor and their care for each other and everyone around them.

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They have both regularly expressed their thanks and love to their followers, customers, and fans for all of the support they have received along their journey. The things these two ladies have completed in their life so far is nothing short of amazing, from taking over Instagram with millions of followers to starting their own businesses, there is no telling how much more Mathilde and Pauline will accomplish if they continue on the path they are on.