Being a model is a heavily invested task that takes a big bite out of your day to day.

For Ella Orten, juggling life has been a practice that she has perfected. This pre-law student has made a name for herself while keeping a heavy focus on her studies.

She studied Business Management and earned a Bachelor’s degree in this field. After gaining some starting gigs during her time in school, Ella was able to heighten her pursuit of a career in modeling. She started taking on small modeling gigs as a means to provide her a healthy state of living during the first few years after graduation. She also applied for many degree programs that would gain her access to a pre-law education. Dueling her efforts worked out in her favor. She was signed on for 2 separate industry leaders in the field of modeling and was accepted for a pre-law degree program. Life was good for Orten, but she didn’t stop her drive there.

Orten continues to react to her schooling in part with her increased popularity in the world of modeling. Juggling the two hasn’t been as tasking as it may for someone who hasn’t been fostering this pace for a while. Her intense focus and task orientation allow her to excel in both fields of work. Her studies will be her ticket to pursue her career choice and the modeling gigs come as a bonus to her wealth extensions.

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She just recently took some of her content to social media platforms. Amongst the most popular is her Instagram page that has nearly 150,000 followers. She posts content at the minimal, probably stemming from her involvement in her school work. While her posts are under the 200-mark, most of her photos feature thousands of likes. Her fans react well to her schedule and her dedication to achieving what she sets out to do. She also claims her fan as one of the sources of her motivation to continue facing forward and pushing onward. She is found chatting with fans after they have delivered her some words of inspiration. She is one to share many different inspirational quotes as words have a way of powering an individual to achieve. She remains well-read, focusing her attention on the latest business news and always ready to schedule a debate about business politics.

She sees these discussions as a fun extension of the wide range of fan base she has been able to accumulate in the past few years. She continues to draw the interest of major brands after facing many different small projects. The smaller projects have created and established a portfolio that will allow her to take both of her talents with her in the future. After facing high levels of success at such an early age, she is not letting the popularity phase the person she is. She remains true to her friends, family, and fans. Writing her story with such a pace and presence will continue to build her popularity in the world of modeling and business.