A new social media challenge is causing teens to end up in the emergency room. Doctors are strongly advising parents to discuss the risks of this game with their children. The game, dubbed the “salt and ice challenge”, is significantly riskier than previous popular challenges.

Unfortunately, it is so dangerous that kids are experiencing second-degree burns, similar to frostbite. To complete the challenge, teens are competing to see who can endure the pain the longest when salt and ice are placed on their skin. Although it may not sound dangerous, the salt is capable of lowering the temperature of the ice to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

This can cause permanent damage within only 5 to 10 minutes of contact with the skin. As a form of proof, kids are even posting pictures of their burns.


Dr. Brian Wagers, a pediatrician in Indianapolis, Indiana, notes that although this particular challenge has existed for years, it continues to grow in popularity. He stated he has treated several children this past year due to injuries incurred from the game. “Some of the pictures you’ll see… those kids have third-degree burns.

I mean, it turns it to leather essentially”. Throughout the country, physicians are advising parents to communicate the dangers of this game to their children. As a precaution, parents should monitor their children’s online activity to ensure they are not talking about the game, posting pictures, or participating in the challenge in any way.

Salt and Ice Challenge Warning