Being a good sport is a trait that many people try to exhibit. They want others to know that it’s not whether you win or lose the race or the game that’s important. North Carolina State University recently hosted the ACC Cross Country Championships. The 6k race was filled with a bit of excitement shortly after most of the women had already finished running. Just before crossing the finish line, Madeline Adams collapsed. The Boston College student found that it was hard to get to her feet and get going again after falling. However, she wanted to finish the race because she was right there at the finish line. Before the race, Adams felt fine, which is why her collapse was so surprising to her.

Exhaustion set in while she was running. She knew her body wouldn’t be able to make it through, but she ran as long as she could. Her legs simply ave out. Some of those who had already crossed the finish line ran back to help Adams. Evie Tate was one of the women who helped. With the assistance of other women, they all managed to help Adams cross the finish line together, displaying a remarkable amount of teamwork.