The Instagram platform is utilized by many to project higher feedback for their branding positioning. This marketing tool is a great option for those looking to apply their skills for the world to see on a tight budget. It has also been used to prescribe movements. One of the starting sources for the InstaFit movement is Valenti Vitel. This rather private individual hails from Russia. Being born and raised in a small country of the region helped her to gain the importance of what she had to work with. Prescribing marketing skills and self-promotion was right up her alley. She utilized social media as mainstream for her content intake, so why not apply herself to the brand? Seeking the promise of a career in modeling would take some internal or virtual growth. Helping the hot counter rise to a level of stardom was the tracking tools provided by Instagram. She touts over 2 million followers on this platform alone.

Twitter and internal websites also mark prospective increases to this model’s branding rights. The hash-tag became her best friend when it started to swirl around the world of modeling. InstaFit girls became and trending topic. With having her name slip into the conversation as one of the first mentions of this naming right, Vitel would accumulate almost double her fan base overnight. Overnight successes are common in the social media and production world, but growth fostered by a tag is something that Vitel could only dream up. Creating this extensive team of followers wasn’t something that she had to try hard to achieve. The numbers kept reaching higher and higher. Trends often fade, but this phenomenon was here to stay.

Vitel leads a rather simple life. Nothing too complex strays her away from the path that got her where she stands today. Most of her work is with private branding and modeling agencies who take notice of her petite sizing and her incredible curves. Natural body composition is something that Vitel was gifted with. She stays fit by attending the gym at least 3-4 times per week. She says that cardio and a healthy diet are her keys to body success.

She utilizes her platform for good, always reaching out to her world of followers and enlightening them. She isn’t really a private person, although much is left unknown when tracing her roots. The star places heavy attention to her home region, applying for stints and jobs within local or neighboring regions. The idea of keeping her presence deeply rooted in the areas she grew up in is something that Vitel calls a blessing. Staying close to family and friends and involving her fans with each moment of a new work stint is something that keeps her world upbeat. She no longer has to seek the advertisement claims of others thanks to the powers of social media. She might have been one of the first to embark on this branding composition, but she certainly will not be the last.