‘Tis the season to be jolly, or is it? The time-honored tradition of performing A Charlie Brown Christmas has taken a turn for the worst and gone political at a Kentucky grammar school, but it didn’t stop the kid’s parents from stepping in and taking matters into their own hands.

Such was the case at W.R. Castle Elementary, where one parent complained about the religious aspect contained in the performance. As a result, Superintendent Thomas Salyer made the decision to alter the Bible passage scene per the advice of his attorney and state officials as well.

Instead of having the character of Linus read the famous Bible verse form The Book of Luke about the meaning of Christmas, the kids were just supposed to stand there and remain silent while the audience (mostly parents) patiently waited for the scene to pass, but what many of the parents did turned out to be quite amazing and created a stir across the web.

The fine line between public school rules and the spirit of the season became a defining moment during the play. While the kids remained silent, as instructed by the school district, the parents of Johnson County did not.

When it came time to cite the Bible passage where you could actually hear a pin drop, a number of parents filled in for their stifled children by reciting the text contained from The Book of Luke.

The show of solidarity between these parents clearly signified that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in this peaceful Kentucky community.