Mary and Mark Gundrum were like other parents who receive news that they are going to have a baby. When they went for the ultrasound at 20 weeks, they found out that the baby was a boy.

However, shortly after they received the surprise that they would have a precious boy, they found out something horrible that tore their world apart.The baby had a condition called encephalocele.

This meant that the baby’s brain was growing outside of his skull. Mary’s doctor suggested that she have an abortion as the survival rate was very low. If the baby survived, then there would be a significant risk of numerous developmental disorders.

After hearing about the baby’s condition, the parents put their faith in God and that He would provide a miracle. Mark and Mary already have seven children and have always relied on their Christian faith to get them through anything in life. They knew that they couldn’t abort their son.

Mary did as much research as possible about the child’s condition so that she would be prepared for what was to come. While she was researching, she found Dr. John Meara.

He is a plastic surgeon in Boston who specializes in working with children. The doctor saw that the baby also had a facial cleft. The baby’s face never came together while he was developing in the womb.

After several surgeries, Mary’s baby has been doing well, but there are developmental issues that he will deal with throughout life.