There has been a lot of speculation as to why Reba and her husband divorced after many years of marriage.

They spent 26 years as husband and wife, and after almost a year, Reba has finally offered some reasoning as to why the marriage ended. Their divorce was made final in October of 2016.

Reba didn’t want the divorce to happen.

It wasn’t her idea to leave her husband or for the marriage to fail. The divorce has been made public, and there have been many who have given their best wishes to Reba as they know that a divorce can be very stressful and straining on the family.

Even though Reba didn’t want the events to take place, she has gone along with it to make her ex-husband happy.

It’s through her faith in God that she is getting through her days, and she has told fans that she is doing alright. She still talks in her calm and collective voice that many know and love.

Reba has admitted that God has been her best friend and that she would likely be in a puddle if it wasn’t for prayer.

Reba has plans to go on tour with Brooks and Dunn in Las Vegas in 2017, and she has launched a new line of products for Cracker Barrel.