Costs Cosby was as soon as a good example of parenthood. Regrettably, that was not the guy however the character on his tv program. The genuine Expense Cosby was drugging and raping lots of females over a duration of years. And now in his 81st year, justice has actually overtaken him, and he will be suffering for what might be the rest of his life in a brand-new jail filled with jail guards implicated of devoting “dislike criminal activities” versus the prisoners.

On Tuesday, Judge Steven T. O’Neill sentenced Costs Cosby to jail for 3 to 10 years after he was founding guilty of drugging and molesting a lady in 2004.

” It is time for justice,” Judge O’Neill stated as he revealed the term. “Mr. Cosby, this has all circled around back to you. The day has actually come. The time has actually come. Fallen angels suffer the majority of.”

However the center that Cosby will invest most of his jail sentence in is brand name brand-new. It was finished in July and has currently end up being a source of debate. Prisoners have actually grumbled about how members of the jail personnel have actually vandalized pictures of the prisoners, drawing Nazi swastikas into the foreheads of individuals, and filling the mouths of individuals with male genitalia.

The cutting-edge jail called the SCI Phoenix expense taxpayers a tremendous $400,000,000. The center can house 3,830 prisoners and needs the personnel of 1,200 workers to keep the location in running order.

Since Cosby is 81, he might invest the rest of his life in jail. He might need end of life care at the jail, particularly given that he will likely be separated due to the fact that of his outright criminal activities and his popularity.

Cosby’s victim, Andrea Constand, stated about her rapist: “We might never ever understand the complete degree of his double life as a sexual predator, however his decades-long reign of fear as a serial rapist is over.”

After Cosby drugged and attacked her, Constand stated that “life as I understood it pertained to an abrupt stop. I was a girl teeming with self-confidence and eagerly anticipating a future intense with possibilities. Now, practically 15 years later on, I’m a middle-aged female who’s been stuck in a holding pattern for the majority of her adult life, not able to recover totally or to move on.”

Constand stated that “Expense Cosby took my gorgeous, healthy young spirit and squashed it. He robbed me of my health and vigor, my open nature, and my rely on myself and others.”

Although SCI Phoenix is a brand-new jail, employee have actually gotten a great deal of problems. They have actually been implicated of “dislike criminal activities” and limiting prisoner access to water and restrooms. They are not most likely to reveal Expense Cosby and simple time.

When Cosby gets relocated to this brand-new jail, he will go through evaluation. He made be considered a threat since of his health or his status as a celeb. If that holds true, he might suffer in singular confinement. If not, he will bunk with another prisoner, who will learn more about Cosby totally.

What do you think of Cosby’s jail sentence? Was 3 to 10 years enough time?