The retail giant Target is facing criticism for a Christmas themed sweater. It isn’t the celebration of Christmas, however, that has people enraged.

This offensive red sweater has the acronym OCD across the top in green font. Below this there are the words “Obsessive Christmas Disorder.” Of course, OCD actually stands for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” and this is the main reason why people are so critical of this sweater.

Many bloggers and Twitter users who suffer with OCD have criticized Target for trivializing a serious mental disorder. It is currently estimated that 200,000 people in the USA have OCD, which often leads a person to develop irrational fears or compulsions that disrupt the normal flow of life.


In response to these critiques, the Target team has apologized for any emotional harm this sweater might have caused. The staff at Target also said that they never intended for this product to offend anyone.

Although Target sent out this official apology, it has yet to take this sweater off the shelves.


This is not the first time Target has been criticized for their clothing. In fact, very recently Target received a lot of bad press due to a women’s T-shirt that said “Trophy.” This shirt was actually removed from all Target stores after an official petition was filed for its removal.

Activists said that using the word “Trophy” was grossly offensive to the millions of women bought and sold into illegal sex trafficking. Target has always maintained that all of their products are never meant to cause anyone harm.

If people have a problem with one of Target’s products, they can always contact a Target staff member either by phone or email.