Travel blogger Tupi, who posts pictures of herself on social media in various situations, has responded to those who say the clouds in her photos all look the same. The Argentinian says that is because they are the same clouds in many of the pictures she posts on social media. Saravia announced that she has been open about the fact that her photos have filters on them after tweets about it went viral.

Saravia is surprised how far things went referring to the tweets about it, and the reaction to the use of a filter. The tweets began with a collage of Saravia’s pictures and the caption about the spooky similarity of the clouds in the influencer’s pictures. Saravia added that she uses the Quickshot app to compose the photos when the sky is overexposed or burned.

Tupi says that her followers have always known she uses apps to filter her pictures because she tells them which ones she uses. A post on Instagram had the fact photo editing apps are used on her pictures highlighted. Saravia added she will share the clouds if anyone needs them. She also posted about how she edits the pictures from followers changing the sky in them.

August 28th tweets about the clouds in Tupi pictures went viral. Many people used it as a chance to make jokes about the cloud following being loyal. There were also jokes about her influencing the weather and consumers. The blogger says she made the first joke about the following being sky-based, but no one seems to think the fake clouds are funny.

One tweet asked if her behavior wasn’t strange and went on to say that the real world and the digital world are nothing alike. The tweet also stated that they were becoming weary of influencers online. Others agreed saying reality was being fabricated. A photographer pointed out that lots of people on social media post fake photos and it bothers him.

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Creo mucho en el poder de las energías y cada día compruebo más que viajar te ayuda a renovarlas ? Todos los días estamos expuestos a la energia del resto, me paso muchas veces de volver a casa con ataques de pánico o sentirme cansada solo por haber estado con personas que vibraban bajo. Los celos, la envidia, soberbia, son algunos de los miles de sentimientos a los que estamos expuestos 24/7. Somos seres que viven dentro de una sociedad, es imposible no estarlo. Pero lo importante acá es intentar lograr vibrar alto & conectar con personas que vibren igual que vos ? Dejar de lado a las personas que no suman. La clave está en escuchar a la gente positiva e ignorar a la negativa. A esos que dudan, juzgan o faltan el respeto, a esa gente no hay que darle nuestro tiempo ni atención ????? Las vibras son reales, la intuición existe, la energía no miente ! Y como dice una de mis frases preferidas ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, asique ya saben > rodeense de personas epishi ?

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There were others Twitter users who responded to the tweets about the cloud placement saying that Saravia could have been more creative placing the clouds, but they did not see what the issue was. They pointed out the practice was common for influencers and that this was the least harmful form of content manipulation they had seen from an influencer. One follower pointed out that Tupi Saravia has always been open about the fact she edits her pictures and has even demonstrated the quickshot app that she uses to alter her pictures before posting them to social media.

Tupi does not understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of the clouds being created by a filter. She says that she was never attempting to deceive anyone and has always been honest about using a filter. She says she hasn’t done anything that was wrong and never wanted to do anything wrong or deceive her followers. There were almost 14 thousand people talking about the fact she used a filter for the clouds.