Eating out brings with some uncertainties since the person doing the ordering rarely has control over what item is made for their consumption. Generally, the only complaints about the food that eventually arrives deals with the problem of the level of cooking done on it. In the case of a professional football player who visited a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise on October 4, he discovered a shocking item connected to his order of chicken wings.

Jared Cook plays tight end for the Green Packers and visited the establishment in suburban Ashwaubenon on his one day off during the week. During the course of eating his wings, he discovered that one of the wings was, in fact, the head of a dead chicken. When he informed the staff of what he found in his order, the individual he spoke with gave a somewhat odd response to explain the presence of the chicken head. The individual stated that this occurs as a result of the chicken being fresh.

While still at the establishment, Cook snapped a photograph of the piece in question. On October 7, he decided to post the image on social media, which helped the story gain a great deal more prominence. Buffalo Wild Wings’ main office immediately took notice and with the help of their public relations firm, FleishmanHillard, issued a statement saying that they were looking into the matter. They did provide Cook a refund for his order, though Cook didn’t indicate if he would eat there again.