There has been a lot of talk at sporting events when it comes to players sitting down while the National Anthem is being played.

The football team from Mechanicville High School always takes an American flag with them when they travel to other schools to compete. When the team made it to Catholic Central High School, they saw that the stadium didn’t have its own flag.

Daniel Hayner is a lineman for the team. He was surprised and felt like it was disrespectful that the school didn’t have a flag for when the National Anthem was performed.

The team knew that they needed to use their flag for good instead of keeping it to themselves. The team didn’t know where the school’s flag was or if they had taken the flag down because of everything going on in the country.

Hayner stood on the sidelines with the team flag raised high in the air. The rest of the team told him to stand in the center of the field. When the other team saw what was going on, they were surprised.

The press box had undergone some remodeling, and workers hadn’t been able to hang the flag before the game started. The principal of the opposing team’s school was proud of the young man’s actions.