Adon Samoilenko is a fisherman who recently had an encounter with a shark.

He stated that the shark had been hanging around his boat all day and decided to attack. Adon stated that when he saw the shark going towards the boat, he knew it was time to go.

He also stated that the shark was scaring his catches. Adon knew that he was not going to catch any fish when he saw the shark.

He believes that there was another boat near them that scared the shark. Adon stated that his boat was disturbed by the other boat. He saw the shark jump out of the water and then charge towards the boat.

The shark did not harm anyone in the boat, but he did take a bite out of it. Adon had been fishing for 20 years.

Even though he has encountered many dangerous things in his life, this was the first time that he had come close to a shark.

He also stated that coming in close contact with the white shark was one of the scariest things that he had ever experienced in his life.

The video of the shark attacking the boat has been uploaded to YouTube.