There are many things that you can capture on a dash cam.

Officers use them when they need to record the actions of people they pull over on the road. At times, you might think that you’re the only driver on the road.

However, there will always be someone to pass you or come up behind you unless you are taking a back road to get to your destination. Sometimes, drivers seem to come out of nowhere to ride your back bumper.

In regards to safety, it makes no sense for someone to ride the bumper of another car. It won’t do anything to cause the other driver to move faster, and at times, it can make the driver slow down just to make the other driver mad.

A dash cam on a truck shows just what it’s like to have cars fly past you on the road. One SUV is being followed very closely by the other one, but both vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed.

The driver in the front has enough of the person behind him, and he slams on his brakes.

The car that was tailgating has to slam on his brakes as well, but it’s not fast enough as he crashes into road signs and other objects on the side of the road.