One of the fastest growing coffee companies in the world is Keurig. This company burst onto the coffee scene with their innovative single-serve coffee options.

However, recent studies have raised questions about the freshness and safety of the coffee stored inside of these single-serve cups.

Another question has been raised about how sanitary the Keurig machines actually are. Without a proper way of cleaning the coffee machine, critics have been skeptical about the safety of this product. “Once your Keurig home brewer has been primed, you cannot empty the water from the inside.

The internal tank of the brewer cannot be drained,” has been clearly stated on the Keurig website. This makes many consumers weary of the bacteria and mold that may accumulate inside of these coffee makers.


Another concerned raised by consumers and activists is aimed at the disposable Keurig coffee pods. The composite plastic material in these pods can lead to chemicals seeping into your coffee which will be damaging to your body. Landfills have been accumulating these non-recyclable pods for many years now and it is starting to add up.

With millions of coffee drinkers disposing of these pods every month, the impact on our environment by these pods will be devastating over the decades.

Any coffee maker will need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to reduce the likelihood of bacteria and mold growth. However, with Keurig’s new style of coffee maker, a thorough deep cleaning can be a very difficult thing to do.

Coffee Crud: Harmful Bacteria Found In Coffee Makers