When you’re out on a boating adventure, there really isn’t a way to tell what you’ll discover in the water. A group of kayakers went for what was supposed to be a normal outing on the Ohio River. They found something that many people don’t even know ever existed.

While they were relaxing on the water, the kayakers saw a ghost ship that is about 110 years old. There is a lot of history surrounding the ship. It appears from the photos that the group took that it was simply left abandoned in the area with no thoughts about anyone coming to get it in the future or any signs that anyone was ever on board.

The group decided to walk on the ship. It was old, but it supported the weight of them walking. The original machinery was still on board. Plants can be seen all on the ship, an indication that it has been there for some time. The boat was once used to give people sight-seeing tours of New York City.

Another interesting bit of information is that it was used in both World Wars. Thomas Edison has used the ship for some of his experiments, and it has also been the setting for music videos. The boat has been in the same place since the 1980s.