Have you ever dreamed of attending a blowout in an Irish pub? Now you can do it for real.

The Paddy Wagon Pub, a Boston-based company, will rent you an inflatable Irish watering-hole, complete with chimneys, gables, old-fashioned light fixtures printed on the fake brick walls and a brick fireplace (not operational, of course).

The Paddy Wagon Pub was inspired by kids’ bounce houses.

It sits on the grass but offers good cover from the weather, so it’s perfect for nice days and also fine if it rains. Clear vinyl windows, a doorway and a skylight let in plenty of light. The pub comes in 2 sizes, and the large size will host 80 people.

As well as the puffy pub, the company will provide traditional whiskey and stout or any other drinks you prefer; they’ll also offer a spread of traditional Irish food, including shepherd’s pie and soda bread.

To complete the mood, you can get a DJ, traditional Irish music, Irish step dancers and a demonstration of perfect pint-pouring.

The company will also bring Irish wolfhounds, which, although huge, are friendly and cuddly. The bouncy bar would work for any party, from a St. Patrick’s Day bash to a theme wedding. Inflation was never so much fun!