There is no denying that art is subjective, but sometimes an artist comes along who creates something that speaks to essentially anyone who views his or her work. Many of these works are engaging for a very specific reason, and that reason is often the haunting and mysterious nature of the work.

Great art doesn’t have to simply be atheistically pleasing, but it could also be memorable in some other way. The most common way is that a piece of art is both beautiful and unsettling.

Some artists have taken the search for that feeling and translated it into new forms of art, and one Japanese artist is taking the idea to an entirely new level.

Nagato Iwasaki has started building incredible works of art from driftwood and leaving them in unassuming locations in nature for travelers to stumble upon, but there are few travelers who would want to accidentally stumble upon these works, at least for the first initial shock.

Once the truth of the art form set in, it would amazing to see in person. Iwasaki builds eerie human figures from the driftwood, and they are all life-size and seemingly alive.

Iwasaki builds his sculptures in secluding forests that match the aesthetic of the piece in question. His work evokes thoughts of the afterlife, the human connection with nature, and a strange interaction with the unknown.

Travelers who find these sculptures are often startled by them at first, but they quickly realize the immense thought and artistic ability that went into their creation.