Garlic can greatly enhance a meal, and it has enjoyed a surge of popularity due to its plethora of health benefits. The fact is that all garlic is not the same. Some garlic may contain bleach and other chemicals.

The infected garlic seems to be coming from China. It should be noted that the United States imported almost one-third of their garlic supply from China in 2014.

One aspect that is making China-produced garlic a particular danger to the United States is the way it is cultivated. Many Chinese producers attempt to boost the quantity to make more money but do so by using pesticides, like phorate and parathion.

Parathion has been known to cause nausea and vomiting, and long-term exposure to phorate has been linked to certain cancers. US Officials and others around the world are beginning to tell citizens to stay away from garlic that has come from China.

The United States has gone so far as to teach citizens how to identify Chinese garlic with a few simple signs. One sign is that the garlic from China is not as tasty as the garlic grown locally. Another thing to look for is garlic with the root and stem intact.

Many farmers from China remove both of these as it adds weight to the shipment. Garlic from China is usually quite light and is not as bulbous as regular garlic may be, which can help consumers figure out if the produce they are consider is safe to buy.