For most Instagram stars, keeping your name under wraps is difficult to achieve.

Most researchers can do a little plug-and-play and discover the identity of a subject. Investigative work is left in the hands of those who have time. The only thing that Chrissy has time for is influencing her fans to become better versions of themselves. Chrissy is one of Instagram’s top fitness personalities. She has platformed her work to the social media icon to better the lives of others. Her personal fitness journey is one of record. She lost a ton of weight thanks to the heavy commitment to gym life and extends her arms wide open to followers looking to make positive changes in their own lives. Her Instagram is merely a year old and already has accumulated nearly 750,000 followers. People have taken regards to her positive sense of being and have gravitated to her lovely glamorous shots.

Chrissy utilizes her modeling prowess as grounds for improvement. She is very critical of her look, something that has carried with her since she was younger. She was bullied as a young teen but does not let this impact her way of living. She has successfully transitioned into a world of acceptance: the world of fitness. Chrissy is a firm believer that there are no shortcuts in life. Everything has a purpose and your goals are worth working for. She has put in the time and effort to better herself. Growing into an inspiration via media outlets has only increased the levels of an impact she can apply to others. She posts consistent reminders to her fans of the woman she once was. This is a story that writes itself. People form popular opinions surrounding her namesake and have shared their personal weight loss stories with her. She takes the time needed to combat challenges with her fans, providing the voice they need to reach their fitness commitments.

Beyond her commitment to fitness, Chrissy is first to share her relationship dirt with her fans. She is committed to her relationship with her partner and she doubles as a counselor for healthy living in conjunction with another person. Sharing her personal life with fans helps to create that sense of simplicity they need to associate with her name.

It also helps them to establish that personal connection with her. Personalized content and outfits have become the spark to her branding efforts. Most of her productions stick within the world of fitness, applying her creative expertise to clothing lines and outwear brands that fit her personal markings. She is also involved with other betterment sources that help people find new aspects of personal improvement advances. Chrissy keeps her head in everything that she is involved with, adding to that personable aspect of her being. She continues to post her journey for her fans to follow along with and can also be seen posting or sharing messages from fans to help them capture some of the limelight. Her selfless sense of being will continue to be the grounds of her pull with her fan base.