God works in mysterious ways, and he operates on mysterious time tables.

The Hadden family just found out how he works. Fireman Marc Hadden answered a routine call that ended becoming the beginning of an extended family. Marc was the proud husband and father of two boys.

The couple wanted to extend their family a bit, but they were afraid to take the risk because their children were premature.

Premature births pose a danger to the children, and the Haddens did not want to risk taking a chance on having another one.

No one expected the Lord to hand them an angel, but that is exactly what happened when Marc went on his routine call. He ended up helping a woman who was having a baby a little more than he bargained for.

He delivered the baby! Even though Marc had no formal physician training, he was able to pull off the delivery.

Sometimes all you can do is try and pray when there isn’t enough time to get to the hospital. Marc delivered a healthy baby girl that received the name “Grace” shortly after she was born. God gives grace, so her name is perfect.

The best part of the entire scenario was that Grace’s mother intended to put her up for adoption. She did so shortly after Grace was born. The Haddens took her in almost instantly in one of the fastest adoptions known to man.

They are happy with their three children now even though they suspect they will have to invest a lot of money in that future wedding of hers.