You’ve probably put mushrooms in spaghetti or on a pizza. They are a food that for the most part can be consumed. However, there are a few types of mushrooms that you should avoid. The mushroom is a fungus, which doesn’t help those who don’t eat them want to try them any more. They can grow to be large in size.

When you see mushrooms growing in nature, they are probably going to be a variety of shapes, some that look horrific. There are some mushrooms that don’t even look like mushrooms. Some of them look like the could have once been an animal, like a dog.

There are mushrooms that look like those that are seen in classic Nintendo video games. Some of them that you find are poisonous to dogs and other animals, so it’s best if you don’t let your pets eat mushrooms while they are outside. There are also mushrooms that look like they are growing from larger ones.

A beautiful mushroom appears to have sap on the base, giving it a look of raindrops. Many are huge and look like bowling balls or small trees. Some look like honeycombs while others resemble a coral reef in design and color.