Megan Irwin is one of the newest rising models in Australia. There are even some rumors that she might join the Victoria’s Secret Angels in the near future. She talked about how she used to put on little wings and walk around as a kid after seeing the fashion model show from Victoria’s Secret.

Megan certainly has the face of an angel. Her long legs also help when it comes to modeling. She was doing a trip to New York last year when she was noticed by agents from Victoria’s Secret. It wasn’t just Victoria’s secret that was paying attention to the model’s working trip to New York, but they were definitely one of the major ones. She has a lot of media online, including a video of herself dancing around with the toy guitar from Guitar Hero. Right now, Megan is with the talent agency called IMG Worldwide. She’s also done multiple campaigns for companies like General Pants and Seafolly. There was a period where Megan did a shoot with Mario Testino, who is a well-known fashion photographer. This happened when she was doing a guest edit for Vogue Australia.

Megan’s social media is full of shots of herself in a bikini. There’s no doubt that she is gaining a lot of attention for doing this and people are clamoring over her shoots and her Instagram. They’ve dubbed her the most beautiful women from Australia, and a blonde bombshell. Her pictures include her lounging on picnic blankets and flaunting it from the camera, along with other women holding wine. Other photos show her wearing a slinky black dress and a purse like a treasure box while wearing high heels in front of beautiful bridges at sunset over the water.

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The photos just come and come and come. There’s one where you can see her striking eyes while she’s sunbathing on the beach somewhere that has a lot of fences. There are ocean and BlueSky and it looks like somewhere you’d want to be. There’s also one where she’s wearing a hat over her beautiful blonde hair while in a backyard somewhere, wearing a bra and having her blonde hair glinting in the sun.


In others, she’s looking into the camera while at the ocean and all wet. Her dirty blonde hair sticking out and her spaghetti top clearly visible. She does a lot of photoshoots in striking locations, like in front of ocean scenes on cliffs.

She’s wearing black bags, black tops, and yoga pants. Her hair is all piled up on top of her head, like a blonde tower. You can see other scenes behind her and she’s gesturing towards them. IN any event, there’s certainly a lot of anticipation from this model about what the future might hold since many are excited to imagine seeing her in a position at Victoria’s Secret. Obviously, it’s going to be impossible to know any of this for sure until it is actually announced, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying around everywhere throughout the Internet.