If you’ve ever had a little too much to drink, then you know that it’s important to find a way home from wherever you’re drinking at instead of trying to drive so that you keep yourself and others safe.

Paula Grzelak-Schultz realized that she had had one too many drinks and that she shouldn’t try to drive home. She left her car in the parking lot of the restaurant where she was drinking before heading home.

The next day, Paula went back to the restaurant to get her car.

There was a note left on the windshield. When she first looked at the piece of paper, she thought that it was a parking ticket. The note was actually from the manager of the restaurant, and people are applauding the positive message that it’s sending to Paula and others.

The manager thanked Paula for leaving her car in the lot instead of driving home drunk. There was also a voucher with the note for one pound of chicken wings from the restaurant as a thank you for being responsible.

This is something that viewers of the note believe that more restaurants should do in order to possibly keep people off the road after they have had too much to drink.